Thank you to my family and supporters and everyone in the communities of Senate District 30 who have given me the opportunity to serve as your State Senator for the last 8 years. I have always said that this Senate seat never belonged to me and that it belongs to the people of New Mexico and they have spoken and I respect that.

I am proud of the work that we have done and all that we have been able to accomplish. We secured millions of dollars of funding for important projects including investments in health, childcare facilities, public safety, roads and infrastructure. Together, we passed monumental legislation, including raising the minimum wage in New Mexico to $12/hour by 2023. My primary concern during this campaign was the rise of polarization and we as a community losing our seniority in the legislature. Senate District 30 has serious economic challenges especially now with the impact of the pandemic and the downturn of the oil and gas market.

My concern is that our legislative leadership will be lost and communities across Senate District 30 will not have a strong voice in the roundhouse to meet the upcoming challenges. This is what keeps me up at night. As I stated earlier this is not my senate seat this is the people of New Mexico’s seat and the legislative leadership roles belong to the people too.

In this Democratic primary, we saw a plethora of negative campaigning which I deeply feel adds to the polarization of our Democracy. A casualty of this polarization are the families of political opposition targets.

Candidates and elected officials are dehumanized and the impact of friends and family to this new political reality is disconcerting and can be traumatizing. My heart breaks when I have to explain to my grandson why I was being depicted on a digital advertisement as nefarious and promoting the divisiveness of right wing politics, ideas which I abhor and deject fundamentally as a Democrat. Nevertheless, to explain to a child I love, that I am not as vile and not in support of these divisive ideas as the ad depicted, just breaks my heart. Without mutual tolerance of those that share in our great experiment but disagree with us, Democracy will begin to shudder as we have seen happen in Washington for the last 4 years.

I hope you agree with me that we don’t want Santa Fe to become another Washington D.C., where polarization keeps things from getting done. I am proud of my record of putting the people of my district before special interests and political partisanship. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

We are all in this together, despite our different backgrounds and situations we all have the same goal of making New Mexico a better place for our kids and grandchildren. I will continue to serve the community in whatever capacity I can to help make New Mexico a better place to live for future generations.

Clemente Sanchez