Working For You!

Clemente is a committed public servant with a track record of putting the people of Senate District 30 before special interests and political partisanship.

Between legislative sessions Clemente consistently returns to every one of the diverse communities in Senate District 30 to update the citizens on legislation and to hear their issues and concerns so he can take them back to the Roundhouse.

Clemente has a proven record of building coalitions between local government and business to create jobs and opportunity for the citizens of Senate District 30 and New Mexico.

Building Partnerships Across Our Community

Clemente has worked with civic leaders to secure support and funding for numerous community projects.

Capital Outlay for Senate District 30

Senator Sanchez has secured over $8.4 million in funding for community projects since first being elected in 2012.  CLICK HERE to see a list of all of Clemente’s funded Capital Outlay Projects.

Bosque Farms Water Treatment Plant

Senator Sanchez secured $323,000 to plan, design, construct and equip a second wastewater treatment plant clarify system in Bosque Farms in Valencia county.

Laguna Pueblo Bike & Pedestrian Trail Safety Upgrade

$100,000 to plan, design and construct safety improvements, including crosswalks, striping, signs and site improvements, for bike and pedestrian trails along New Mexico highway 124 in the Pueblo of Laguna in Cibola county.

Acoma Pueblo Wastewater Improvement

$250,000 to plan, design and construct expansions and upgrades to the North Acomita wastewater treatment facility at the Pueblo of Acoma in Cibola county.

Valencia County Regional Emergency Communications Center Tech Upgrade

Senator Sanchez secured $250,000 to equip and install information technology improvements, including computer aided dispatch and records management systems, for the regional emergency communications center in Valencia county.

City of Grants 1st Street Improvements

Last year Senator Sanchez fought to secure $800,000 to plan, design and construct much needed improvements to 1st street, from Adams avenue to Roosevelt avenue, including accessibility ramps, curbs and gutters, drainage and signage, in the city of Grants.

Los Lunas I-25 Interchange

$55 million for a new interchange off of Interstate 40 into Los Lunas in Valencia county.

Los Lunas Sports Complex Improvement

$290,000 for the improvements to the sports complex in Los Lunas in Valencia county

Zuni Pueblo Veterans Memorial Park Visitor’s Center

$50,000 to plan, design and construct phase 3 of the Zuni veterans’ memorial visitors’ center building in the Pueblo of Zuni in McKinley county.

Leadership in Santa Fe! – Results Back Home!

Clemente has passed key legislation on important issues for Senate District 30

Minimum Wage

Clemente passed key legislation to raise the minimum wage in New Mexico. Governor Lujan-Grisham signed Clemente’s legislation into law Spring of 2019, effectively raising the minimum wage in New Mexico to $12 an hour.

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New Mexico’s minimum wage goes up today: Click HERE

Impact Aid - Senate Bill 172

In 2019 Senator Sanchez co-sponsored SB172 with Senator George Munoz from Gallup in an effort to level the playing field and get the education funding that all New Mexico students deserve. SB172 amends the Public School Finance Act to eliminate the state’s ability to credit federal Impact Aid in the public school funding formula. SB172 did not make it to the Governor’s desk but Senator Sanchez plans to continue the fight this next legislative session. 

Electronic Signatures

Senator Sanchez’ Senate Bill 167, passed into law in 2019 authorizes the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office to permit electronic filing of documents. Modernizing and streamlining government services for today’s world.

Air Medal License Plate

Senate Bill 225, signed into law in 2019 includes armed forces air medal recipients to receive a veteran-designation decal to be placed across the top of the Armed Forces Veteran vehicle license plate. Honoring New Mexicans who have served in the military has always been a priority for Senator Sanchez.  

UNM Valencia County Instructional Center

In the 2019 legislative session Senator Sanchez passed Senate Bill 163 into law. SB 163 allows the University of New Mexico Board of Regents to create of an off-campus instructional center in Valencia County. This planning is crucial to opening up higher education opportunities in Valencia county and Senate District 30. 

Online Bill Finder

You can always visit the New Mexico State Legislature’s Online Bill finder to research more of Senator Sanchez’ past legislation.