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We are always happy to hear from the community and its constituents! If you have any suggestions on how to improve or help the community, LET US KNOW! We are always happy to listen and help. If you have any ideas for the campaign trail or would like to invite Senator Clemente to a function please reach out to us today. If the scheduling permits we would be happy to join! Thank you again for all of your support as always!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I volunteer?

If you would like to help Clemente’s campaign with door-knocking, phone banking contact the campaign by email.

Email with the subject line Volunteer for Meme. In the email include your name, phone number, availability and what you are interested in helping out with and a member of clemente’s campaign will contact you to make arrangements with you. 

Can I donate?

Yes , however members of the state legislature are on a fundraising prohibition period until the legislative session ends on February 21st and cannot take donations until then.

How much can I contribute?

Outside of the fundraising prohibition period an individual and a political action committee can donate Clemente’s campaign up to $5,000 in contributions. Here is more information on campaign contribution limits in from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s website.

How do I find out about specific issues?

Visit to see all of the legislative issues Clemente has worked on. You can also visit the New Mexico State Legislature’s website to research past legislation and capital outlay projects.

What if I just want a yard sign?

Email the campaign at with the subject line Yard Sign. in the email include your name, your phone number and where the campaign can place a sign. A member of Clemente’s campaign will then contact you to make arrangements to get a sign delivered. 

How do I vote early?

Contact your County Clerk’s office at

You can vote absentee at any county clerk’s office starting May 5th. 

You may fill out an absentee ballot request form and mail it to your county clerk’s office and have an absentee ballot mailed out to you starting May 5th.

You can also request a ballot on the Secretary of States website here:

Starting Saturday, May 16 you may vote at any Early Vote location  in your county up until Saturday, May 30. 

Next Public Function

Los Lunas Door to Door Kick-Off

Location: TBD
Los Lunas, NM
Saturday, January 18

Clemente and supporters will be meeting for coffee and then knocking on doors in Los Lunas on Saturday morning at 9am.

Clemente will be asking for support for his re-election campaign, collecting nominating petition signatures and getting feedback on what the priorities should be for the upcoming legislative session.

To RSVP email: