2020 New Mexico Legislative Update


As we come to the conclusion of the 2020 Legislative Session, I want to update you on some of the issues, aside from the State Budget, that I focused on and also share the results of my legislative survey. 


This year I sponsored legislation targeting areas in our education system that will recruit educators to areas such as special education, teacher mentoring and bilingual/multicultural teachers. SB171 School Finance Program Unit Changes was endorsed by the Legislative Finance Committee. I also worked on legislation to increase teacher and support staff salaries.



I sponsored Economic Development and Training Legislation to address the closure of the Escalante Power Plant.



After years of recession and budget cuts, we continue to see an increase in state revenues, but we must be cautious and forecast for a possible downturn in the economy. This budget increase is driven almost entirely by increased oil and gas prices, and drilling activity.

Oil and gas revenues are volatile. The price of oil and gas continuously fluctuates. This means we must be responsible stewards of these new dollars. As Chairman of the Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee, I believe that we need to save a responsible amount of this new money in order to avoid future deep cuts to education and public safety when the price of oil decreases.


I sponsored legislation to improve our roads in New Mexico including local roads as well as other Capital Projects in District 30 and state projects.


Our top spending priorities this session were education and public safety. I continue to advocate for more resources for our public schools and to expand early childhood education to every New Mexico child.


Out of the 500 plus constituents who responded to my survey from mail, email or on my social media 54% indicated Education was a priority, 52% said Jobs & Economy were a priority and 50% said Roads & Infrastructure were a top priority. 42% of respondents indicated Gun Control was a priority and 27% said Recreational Marijuana was a priority. 18% said that Impact Aid was a priority.


Please feel free to contact me at clemente@clemente4nm.com or call me at (505) 287-2515. 

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and our community in the New Mexico Senate, and will continue to keep working for you.

Yours in Service,

Clemente “Memé” Sanchez
State Senator